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UPCOMING 2019: The 11th Spencer Tunick Experience Party Installation, Essex – Saturday 29 June, 2019
Email us for information and registration details
We The Nipple - June 2, 2019
Project details here
2019: Intramurs, Valencia - March 30, 2019

2018: Austria Party Series installation, Novapark, Graz - November 25, 2018
Provocaré Festival, Melbourne - July 8-9, 2018 | Bodø Bodyscape, Norway - August 11-12, 2018
The Spencer Tunick Experience Party No. 10, Alexandra Palace, London - April 22, 2018

2017: Stewards of Nature, Ithaca NY - September 25, 2017
Nantucket Project, Massachusetts - September 16, 2017
 The 9th Spencer Tunick Party Installation, The Cotwolds Distillery, April 23, 2017

2016: Austria Party Series installation, Schlichtbarock, Feldbach - September 17, 2016
The Dead Sea Sinkholes, Israel - September 10-11, 2016
 The Sea of Hull - July 9-10, 2016 | The RNC Convention, Cleveland - July 17, 2016
Bogota, Columbia - June 5, 2016
The 8th Spencer Tunick Experience Party Installation, London, April 3, 2016 

2015: The 7th Spencer Tunick Experience Party Installation London - June 21, 2015
2015: Garner Arts Center NY, May 24, 2015

2014: La Calaca Festival, San Miguel De Allende - October 30, 2014
 Austria Party Series installation, Schloss Aichberg, Styria, Austria - September 13, 2014
The 6th Spencer Tunick Experience Party Installation, London - May 18, 2014
Scope Out: Museums at Night, Folkestone, May 15, 2014

2013: The 5th Spencer Tunick Party Installation, Austria - Oct 27, 2013
The 4th Spencer Tunick Experience Party Installation - London

2012: San Miguel de Allende
 The Third Spencer Tunick Experience Party Installation - Cambridgeshire UK

Everything is going to be OK, NYC | Wagner's Ring with Spencer Tunick, Munich

2011: Prested Hall, Essex, UK - STE Party Installation
 Naked Sea - The Dead Sea, Israel | Gaasbeek Castle, Belgium

2010: Cambridge, UK - STE Party Installation | Aurillac, France | The Big Chill Festival, Herefordshire
Everyday People - The Lowry, Salford UK | The Base - Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Australia
2009: Mâcon, France | Eternal Sunrise - Montauk Point NY | Mexico City Individuals and Small Groups

2008: Shoreditch House Private Members' Club | Dublin Docklands, Ireland | Blarney Castle, Ireland
Vienna, Austria | The Four Seasons Restaurant, New York NY

2007: Miami FL, USA  |  Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland  |  Dream Amsterdam, Netherlands  | Mexico City, Mexico

2006: Düsseldorf, Germany  |  San Sebastian, Spain  |  Caracas, Venezuela  | Bruges (Men), Belgium

2005: Lyon, France  |  Newcastle-Gateshead, UK  | Bruges, Belgium

2004: Shoreditch - London, UK

2003: Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal  |  Selfridges - London, UK  | Saatchi Gallery - London, UK

2002: Cortlandt Alley - New York NY, USA

2001: Greenwich - London, UK | Montreal, Quebec

The Sea of Hull, July 9-10, 2016

Over 3200 participants, painted in four shades of blue, filled the streets of Hull on July 9,
to create The Sea of Hull - a striking series of images which have now become instantly
recognisable worldwide. A smaller installation by the Humber Bridge (and without body paint)
took place the following morning. The resulting works were on display at the Ferens Art Gallery's
"Skin" exhibition, during 2017 - during Hull's year as the City of Culture.

 RNC Convention, Cleveland, July 17, 2016

Everything She Says Means Everything
"The photograph will involve 100 nude women holding large mirror discs, reflecting the
knowledge and wisdom of progressive women and the concept of “Mother Nature”
into and onto the convention center, cityscape and horizon of Cleveland.
The philosophy of the artwork relates to the idea of the sacred feminine.
By holding mirrors, we hope to suggest that women are a reflection and
embodiment of nature, the sun, the sky and the land. We want to express
the belief that we will rely upon the strength, intuition and wisdom of
progressive and enlightened women to find our place in nature
and to regain the balance within it. The mirrors communicate that we
are a reflection of ourselves, each other, and of, the world that surrounds us.
The woman becomes the future and the future becomes the woman."

Bogota, Columbia, June 5, 2016

In collaboration with Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogota (MAMBO), and
Diageo's Johnny Walker whisky, Spencer held an installation in Bogota on
Sunday morning, June 5, 2016 at Plaza Bolivar, Bogota. Starting with a series
of setups in the Plaza itself, with the Capitolio Nacional serving as the backdrop,
two further setups followed at the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Cultural Centre on
Calle 11, and another setup along Calle 10.

The 8th Spencer Tunick Experience Party Installation
London 3 April, 2016

The eighth installation in the Party Series took place at the lovely and
inspiring Magic Garden pub in Battersea. This was our first party series
installation to include live music, and we enjoyed the sounds of John
Fairhurst, a regular performer at Glastonbury and his band. We also had
a variety of culinary treats on offer, and a sponsored keg of Doom Bar Bitter
courtesy of the brewery.

Setups included a cascade of participants on the plush stage inside the pub,
one outside in the covered garden, and a third setup which took place outside
on the street, with participants adorning themselves with two bananas each taped
to their
faces! Of course, being outdoors, we were bound to get captured by
passers-by and local residents, and indeed within a short time, several
unplanned pictures started to
appear on Instagram and Twitter.

Overall, it was a fantastic morning, a great setting, and all positive feedback.
Our thanks go to The Magic Garden team, John Fairhurst, my assistants Lizzie
and Gemma, to all the participants, and of course to Spencer.

The Party Installation Series is an ongoing series of annual group commissions,
enabling people to become commissioners of art and collectors of a growing
series of unique works. We throw a party, Spencer
joins us and creates
the work with us. The settings are in special locations, participation is limited
to small groups of up to 50 people to keep the print editions small and special.

The 7th Spencer Tunick Experience Party Installation
Maggs Bros. 50 Berkeley Square, London 21 June, 2015

The seventh installation in the Party Series brought us back to London for a very special
gathering at one of London's most unique townhouses. Former home to one-time tory Prime
Minister George Canning and thought to be the oldest unaltered building in London,
50 Berkeley Square's most famous claim to fame is its reputation of being the most
haunted house in London. The current occupants, Maggs Bros. Ltd. generously invited us
into their wonderful world of antique books and manuscripts, to mingle with the spirits and
spend a fantastic afternoon creating art with Spencer
. We ventured into rooms filled with
books of old, braved into a dark subterranean passage
that links between two buildings,
and mingled with spirits in the courtyard, enjoying a generous spread of food and wine
on a fine summer solstice Sunday afternoon.

Garner Arts Center,
Garnerville NY - May 24, 2015

Around 170 participants gathered for this rare installation marking Spencer's
2-year anniversary as Artist In Residence at Garner Arts Center. One of the purposes of
this installation was to provide Spencer with a special body or art to present at his open
studio at the Garner Arts Festival, May 30-31, 2015. Described by participants as "magical"
and "wonderful", details about this installation which took place in and around the old
textile mill which now houses the arts centre,
are still to emerge.

Schloss Aichberg Party Series Installation
Styria, Austria, September 13, 2014

The beautiful hills of Styria and an art-filled castle provided the backdrop for the
second party series installation in Austria. As well as being a major tourist attraction,
Schloss Aichberg, situated between Graz and Vienna is also host to a large art collection
and serves as an art space. The original intention was for Spencer to create art within
the galleries and in the courtyard, however, a break in the light drizzle took Spencer's
gaze and 50 or so participants outdoors, for a series of setups with the castle and the
neighbouring village as backdrops.

While following the format of the Spencer Tunick Experience party series,
this installation was organised independently and is not part of the ongoing series.

The 6th Spencer Tunick Experience Party Installation
Notting Hill Arts Club, London, May 18,2014

Spencer joined us for another Party Series Installation during his visit to the UK
for Museums at Night. The party installation this year took place at the rather trendy
Notting Hill Arts Club. The theme for this year was colour, and using a variety
of wall projections and hundreds of balloons which we earnestly inflated for the
occasion, we created two very unique settings which succeeded in conveying the
party series spirit in the best possible way.

Museums at Night - Georges House Gallery, Folkestone, May 15, 2014

And now for something completely different...

Spencer Tunick is one of the ten artists who took part in a special
Museum's at Night project
called Connect 10 between May 15 -17 this year. The goal was for Spencer to create around
125-150 individual portraits mounted in small image viewers or scopes, and to exhibit them
two days later at the Georges House Gallery, Folkestone.

Spencer's shoot took place during a sunny afternoon by the Warren, in which he quickly
photographed 146 brave individuals with the Folkestone white cliffs in the background.
The transparency film was then processed, cut into frames, and the frames mounted in
individual scopes or viewfinders. On Saturday, May 17, Georges House Gallery, Folkestone,
opened its doors to exhibit the works to the public as part of the Museums at Night project.
Participants were given the opportunity to collect their scopes and party with Spencer
the Strange Cargo team, and members of the public who came along for a peek.

Strange Cargo on Facebook | Strange Cargo website Scope Out news page
Strange Cargo Scope Out Exhibition Page
BBC Arts | Kent Online | Folkestone Herald

 Avenir's Sivan Lavie took part in the Folkestone installation
Steve Ritter's blog

And finally:
Visit the Scopes page on Spencer's website to see some of his previous scopes works.

The 5th Spencer Tunick Experience Party Installation
Graz, Austria, Sunday, October 27, 2013

For the first of our Party Series Installations outside the UK, we brought together close to 50 people
to the unique picturesque Zotter Chocolate Factory several miles out of Graz, Austria. Hosted by
Factory owner Josef Zotter and his team, participants were welcomed with a glass of wine and
chocolates, before becoming features within the factory itself for Spencer's camera. First to the
cocoa bean store and then to the factory conveyer belts, at which point participants were given
bars of chocolate to rest on their bodies. For the last setup, outside in the gardens, the remaining
chocolate, now melting, was rubbed onto each participant's skin in earnest. Needless to say, the
clean up process which followed was quite tedious, but all were rewarded with a delicious buffet,
wine, and multi-packs of Zotter Chocolate Bars to take home.

The 4th Spencer Tunick Experience Party Installation
London, Sunday, April 14, 2013

After a highly successful event in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire in September 2012,
we got a bit of an early start this year with our fourth party installation,
this time in the exclusive Rotary Bar & Diner in the heart of London.

Around 65 people gathered in the warm and mostly sunny Sunday afternoon, and following
a welcome drink and some delicious snacks and sandwiches, we launched into a series of
five setups, the first two in the Bar & Diner, the third on the fire escape staircases
and the fourth on the roof overlooking the financial district. The final setup which took
place in the Rotary Room members' club in the basement, introduced an array of party
props, decorations and a cake to celebrate this site's and the forum's 10th birthday.

The venue, food, drinks and a team of dedicated staff was generously provided for the party
by The Rushmore Group, who own The Rotary and another several exclusive clubs
across London and New York.

Since the party was otherwise undocumented, there are no pictures of the installation
to show but other before & after pictures may show up eventually. We hope that some of
the participants will share their experience on this site soon.

Spirits - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Nov 4, 2012
San Miguel de Allende seems to have become an annual destination for Spencer.
To commemorate The Day Of The Dead in Mexico, Spencer collaborated with La Calaca festival
in San Miguel de Allende
. Around 150 people draped in transparent veils lent themselves to some
very striking imagery, as can be seen in the following press links.

Huffington Post | Metro UK | Daily Mail | The Sun | ITN

The original registration page

The Third Spencer Tunick Experience Party Installation
Chatteris, Cambridgeshire UK, 16 September 2012
For its third year, the highly successful party and group-commission took place on
an overcast but pleasant Sunday afternoon, at a lovely farm outside Chatteris in Cambridgeshire.

67 participants including a dozen couples and a baby, plus a variety of musical instruments,
came together to take part in the most ambitious party installation yet.
Musical instruments played a part in the first setup, inside our host's cathedral roofed living room.

For the intermediate setup, Spencer took us into the barn and draped us face up (some of us in
two layers) over a construction of bales of hay.
The penultimate setup took place outside in the field,
Spencer arranged us into a tableau of nude instrumentalists entertaining a group of reclining people.
For our final setup, still in the field, Spencer had us running around and jumping, catching many of us
frozen in time as we leapt to the sky!

The afternoon was generously hosted and fully catered by the lovely couple who own the farm,
who took part in the previous year's party installation.

The Spencer Tunick Experience Party Installation is a group commission,
based on the principle that participants pre-purchase a signed and numbered work of art
created at the party by Spencer Tunick, the edition number based on the number of participants.
This year's edition was around 60, each 11x14" print individually signed and numbered by the artist.

Everything is going to be OK:
The Mercer Street Medical Case - NY, July 1 2012.

Spencer has added his support to the making of a documentary by GalleryBeat's Paul Hasegewa Overacker
about Dr. Daryl Isaacs and the Mercer Street Medical Case. Spencer's artwork is sponsored by the film
which attempts, in the telling of Dr. Isaacs' story, to raise awareness for the disappearing family physician.

The Kickstarter campaign successfully reached its goal and is now closed, but the Kickstarter page
offers a wealth of information. Kickstarter backers were invited to take part in the installation
which took place on July 1.

An account of the installation at Mercer Street Medical

The film's home page is here.
The Kickstarter page can be found here.

Wagner's Ring with Spencer Tunick - Munich, June 23-24, 2012.

The main installation for this collaboration between Spencer and the Bayerische Staatsoper
took place on Saturday morning, June 23. Participants were painted red and gold
and provided colour and texture for several works based on Wagner's Rings of the Nibelung.
An estimated 1700 took part in a very striking number of setups which have been extensively
covered by the press. Around 100 women took part in a number of setups in front of the Opera House
and inside the building, also making use of a specially constructed cone or "ring".

On the following morning, Spencer took 65 blue rhinemaidens to a small island on the Isar
for a small installation also using the conical structure from the day before.

June 23rd: Our own page for the main installation is slowly growing here
but it is waiting for your contributions - stories and pictures!
In the meantime, it has an embedded link to the official 4 minute clip released by the Bayerische Staatsoper,
and an account of the morning by one of the gold participants called Flash

June 24th: Our own page for the second day's Rheinmaiden installation at Flaucher

On the web in English
MSNBC | The Daily Mail | The Mirror | NY Daily News | Sky News Australia (with video clip)
Artlyst | | Art Media Agency | The LA Times | | Big Pond

Süddeutsche (news item) | Bild | Augsburger Allgemeine | Stern | (preview) (video) | Süddeutsche (interview) | Kleine Zeitung 1 | Kleine Zeitung 2 | FT Deutschland
Tiroler Tageszeitung | Stadtmagazin München 24 | Welt Online | TZ Online | N-TV
Spiegel Online | Berliner Morgenpost | Zeit Online

Nana10 | Channel 2 | YNet

Other Languages
France TV (video) | Latercera | El Diario 24 | Noticieros Televisa | Informe 21
Jean Marc Morandini (video) | HLN.BE | Taringa (some hi-res pics)

The World of ADT | Lost In Berlin (blog on Salon) | Natascha's blog

The original registration and info pages are here and here respectively.

Join the STE's facebook group here and join the Spencer Tunick Forum here.

The Spencer Tunick Experience Party Installation Reloaded.
Prested Hall, Essex, UK, 14 October 2011

Spencer joined us on Friday evening, October 14, 2011, for our second annual
Spencer Tunick Experience Party Installation, this time at the health club of lovely Prested Hall
near Colchester, kindly provided for the occasion by owner, Mike Carter.

The Spencer Tunick Experience Party Installation is a group commission,
based on the principle that participants pre-purchase a signed and numbered work of art
created at the party by Spencer Tunick, the edition number based on the number of participants.
This year's edition will be around 25,  each 11x14" print individually signed and numbered by the artist.

This year, Spencer chose three setups, the first in one of Prested Hall's two Real Tennis courts,
the second took place in the gym, and the third in the fitness club's swimming pool.

Martin took part in the installation and wrote about it on his blog:
Everyday Life Model

The Spencer Tunick Experience Party Installation in 2012 will take place
on a farm in Cambridgeshire, also around October.
If you are interested in taking part in the party installation in 2012, EMAIL US HERE.

Naked Sea - The Dead Sea, Israel, September 17, 2011
The installation took place as planned despite more than its fair share of obstacles,
in my opinion, one of the most amazing Spencer Tunick experiences yet.
There is loads of press coverage, and - as we're slowly finding out - a lot of unauthorised
photographs and video footage as well. I will post a collection of links a bit later today.

Press coverage in English:
The Independent | The Telegraph | Huffington Post | Sydney Morning Herald
The Mail Online | Mail Online again | Green Prophet | The Jerusalem Post 1 | The Jerusalem Post 2
Ha'aretz 1 | Ha'aretz 2 | Metro | AFP | Global Post | CBS News | San Antonio Express
ArtLyst | Ynet News | AOL Travel |3News NZTIME | ArtInfo | No Camels

Press coverage in Hebrew:
Nana10 1 | Nana10 2 | Nana10 3| Israel Channel 2 1 | Israel Channel 2 2 | YNet 1 | YNet 2 | Ynet 3
Israel Hayom | Galatz| Ma'ariv NRG | Walla 1 | Walla 2 | MyNet | Globes 1 | The Marker
Urban Mouse | Ha'aretz | News 1 | Globes 2 | A personal account on Ynet

Video clips
Slideshow with Galatz Radio Broadcast | Channel 2 Clip | From the air | Repubblica Radio-TV
NTN24 | A Russian TV reoprt | EFE | AFP | ABC | Milenio | TeleSUR | RT
A montage of images by Casey Kelbaugh

The original Registration page
The original Kickstarter campaign can be found here

Gaasbeek Castle, Belgium, July 9, 2011

This summer and fall Gaasbeek Castle in Belgium will be occupied by numerous sleeping beauties.
The exhibition Sleeping Beauties (9 September – 13 November 2011) presents a selection of
contemporary artworks that all in a different way touch upon the broad theme of sleep and dream.

Spencer chose to explore a variety of different themes for his contribution to the Sleeping Beauties project.
Sword wielding knights (without the shining armour); The King, the young prince, the advisers and the royal guard;
Maidens in fairytale head-dresses and enchanted trees.
Women fall back into the arms of their men in front of the castle, before all slowly fall into a deep slumber
lasting a hundred years. The long slumber ends with a massive pillow fight, the magnitude of which has never
been seen before. We all love a good fairy tale, and Gaasbeek Castle provided the perfect setting.

Press coverage has been abundant for this installation.
Kleine Zeitung | De Redactie | Editie Pajot | Gazet van Antwerpen | | | | The Daily Mail |International Business Times | Persinfo | |
The installation has been featured on a website that caters to the crane industry:

The Gaasbeek Castle homepage can be found here
More information about the Sleeping Beauties project

Cambridge, UK
The Spencer Tunick Experience Installation at Gil's Party.
October 14, 2010

Spencer made another trip to the UK in 2010, for an installation for his party series.
This took place in Cambridge on October 14 ,and was organised by the editor of this website,
yours truly, hence its long and convoluted name. This was a very small installation which took place
at the home of one of the participants, and involved setups in three rooms in the house.
Participants pre-purchased a signed and numbered 11 x 14" print of an edition of 40.

During this trip, Spencer also spent some time shooting a number of individuals,
in several London locations between Great Portland Street and Notting Hill.

Aurillac, France
August 20-21, 2010

Hot on the heels of The Big Chill came this installation in Aurillac, France,
on the occasion of the Aurillac International Street Theatre Festival's 25th anniversary.
Spencer actually held a series of installations in three different locations over two mornings,
utilising black umbrellas for the first location on a hill overlooking the town,
and transparent umbrellas for the second location in the streets of the old town of Aurillac.
The third setup at the Aurillac SNCF Railway Station, took place the following morning
with the participation of around 250 women, French flags of varying sizes, smoke machines
and 4 brave men, in a re-enactment of Eugene Delacroix's famous painting
Liberty Leading The People.

The artwork from the first day was revealed on the following evening by the Hotel de Ville.

Our own Aurillac Festival page is here

The Austrian Kleine Zeitung was the first news service to report the installation,
with a generous slideshow of photos by Sascha Prabitz.

More from the French press:
Ladepeche | Rue 89 | Libération.FR | Le Parisien | La Montagne
iLACA Web Magazine: Report and Interview with Spencer

The official Spencer Tunick page on the Festival website is here.

The Big Chill Festival, Eastnor Castle Deer Park, Herefordshire, UK
August 8, 2010

An estimated 700 or so revellers at The Big Chill, and a handful of people who were definitely not there
for the music, shed their clothes in favour of body paint for Spencer's installation at The Big Chill Festival.
This was a first for Spencer, and in his brief he said: "I know what I am doing, but I don't know what I am
doing...", before dividing the volunteers in to five colour groups: Yellow, Pink, Teal, Blue and Black.

Among the setups, Spencer paid homage to the art of Yves Kein, Mark Rothko and Ellsworth Kelly,
and in the final group of setups with the Blue, Teal and Black painted participants, made a rather effective
reference to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, as four rows of black painted participants interwove
their way into a blue and teal sea.

Our Big Chill page is here

Reports from the installation come from
Metro | TNT Magazine | Worcester News
La Repubblica, Italy | Clash Music | ABC News
BBC video clip | London Evening Standard

From the blogs:
Face Culture | Jumping Anaconda

Spencer's page on  The Big Chill website.

Everyday People - The Lowry, Salford, May 1 & 2, 2010
In May 2010, Spencer Tunick comes to Salford and Manchester.

Over one remarkable weekend in May, Tunick made a series of photographs and a new film
of his multiple-site installation in Salford and Manchester. Volunteers were taken,
via a caravan of heated buses, to eight locations over the weekend of 1 - 2 May
and asked to pose naked while Tunick created the installation.
The resulting photographic and film work will the be shown at The Lowry
from 12 June - 26 September as part of the exhibition, Everyday People.

During and after the exhibition, The Lowry were offering for sale the official
Everyday People DVD
of the film shown at the exhibition. This DVD was
produced in a limited edition of 1000 for The Lowry by this site's editor, Gil Limor.
The DVD is no longer available at The Lowry, but original sealed copies from the limited edition
can still be purchased
  through this site for £12 + £1.80 P&P.
This DVD includes footage from both days, and is around 13 minutes long.
Email Gil to purchase the Everyday People DVD.

Our dedicated Everyday People page is here

The Installation Page on the Lowry website is here
An interview with Spencer on the Culture 24 website
The Times | The BBC features a short video clip | The Mirror | The Daily Mail | Salford Advertiser
The Daily Telegraph | The Sun | CBC | Belfast Telegraph | Manchester Evening News

Earlier news items
An article on Manchester's City Life website | The BBC website
The EasyArt website offers an introduction to Lowry's work which Spencer hopes to recreate
From the Blogs:
Moregeous | Catherine | John | Purple_t100
A piece by Alison Bell on Manchester Gossip

The Base - Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Australia
March 1, 2010
An amazing turnout at the Sydney Opera House, as 5200 people - more than double the expected 2500,
(and beating Melbourne's 4500 [articipants), came to participate in The Base,
Spencer's vision for the Mardi Gras sponsored installation.

Our own Mardi Gras Page with contributions from four participants

Here are a few early items from the Australian media,
although more articles can be found using your favourite search engine
(links marked * include a video clip):

The Herald Sun | ABC News* | Sydney Morning Herald | Pedestrian TV
MSNBC | A participant testimonial in The Sydney Morning Herald
More from The Sydney Morning Herald*: Video 1 Video 2  Photo Gallery
Perth Now (with a pixellated image) | Earth Times

The original registration page can be found here

Mâcon, France, October 3, 2009
A second Greenpeace collaboration for Spencer Tunick,
this one stressing the danger to France's vineyards posed by climate change.

Christian and Alistair have provided us with their experiences here

The Greenpeace Website features a video and images of the day | An artticle on the Greenpeace website
A large gallery of pictures on Le Bien Public | A promotional video teaser | ITN News Item on YouTube

Eternal Sunrise - Montauk Point, Long Island NY, June 22, 2009
Originally scheduled for August 2008, Spencer took 300 volunteers to the eastern end of Long Island,
to the scenic Montauk Point State Park.

Our Montauk Point page is here

News Item from the East Hampton Star | Interview and slideshow on Flavorwire

Mexico City Individuals and Small Groups, January 15-18, 2009
Spencer returned in January 2009 to Mexico City to capture individuals and small groups of people,
in a project supported by National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM),
and inspired by the collection of works by 20th century Mexican artist, Andrés Blaisten.

A collection of some images from the project, can be found here.

If you participated in this installation, and would like to contribute some words to accompany the pictures,
please email us here.

News item from The LA Times | VivirLatino
Tabasco Hoy | El Universal article | A video clip from El Universal

Shoreditch House Private Members' Club, London, September 4, 2008
This exclusive venue resides a couple of doors away from the Hales Gallery, so it was logical to
schedule the installation after the opening of Spencer's new show at the Hales on September 4.
The installation forms a part of Spencer's Party Series.

This installation almost went unnoticed as participation was limited to Shoreditch House
members only and was kept secret until the last minute. Spencer was allowed to bring
five guests into the club for the installation, and one of these participants wrote down
her impression of the installation.

Read GlobalGirl's experience here
A report from The Independent here

Dublin Docklands, Ireland, June 21-22, 2008
The installation on Saturday June 21, took place at the South Quay in mixed weather.
After a promising sunny start the heavens opened and the second setup had to be abandoned.
Once the rain subsided, the third setup with the few hundred brave participants who stayed on,
took place ankle deep in the sea.

The Sunday morning installation took place in the new development at Bolands Mills, Grand Canal Dock,
with people posing on the balconies of the new develpment buildings. A further installation took
place with women only on the roof of one of the buildings.

Despite the harsh weather conditions, everyone seems to agree that the craic was mighty in Dublin.

Our Dublin page is here.
Sadly, Spencer's official Ireland Website with images and videos is now closed.

Emer was at both installations, and she has posted a detailed blog here

Kevin Myers' op-ed in the Irish Independent | Colin Coyle of The Times comments
Alison O'Riordan of the Belfast Telegraph writes of her experience
The official Dublin Docklands Tunick Page

Blarney Castle, Ireland, June 17-18, 2008
On the beautiful setting of Blarney Castle, Co. Cork, Spencer created some even more beautiful art,
with roses, gold coins and even the Blarney Stone itself, becoming a part of his creation.
A smaller installation took place on Wednesday morning, for women only - kneeling in foam in front
of a graffiti painted wall.

Our Blarney Castle page is here
Sadly, Spencer's official Ireland Website with images and videos is now closed.

The official registration page | Cork Midsummer Festival Home Page
A columnist's views in the Irish Independent | The news item in the Irish Independent
An op-ed by Sinead Ryan in The | A news clip on the BBC | Metro UK

Happel Stadium, Vienna, Austria, May 11, 2008
Around 1840 people (according to AFP) took part in this installation, slightly short of Spencer's
ideal participant count of 2008, posing in around 8 different setups, some of them
with 1000 footballs specially designed for the occasion.
The installation began at 2pm and continued into the evening.

Our own Happel Stadium page
(we still could use another contribution or two if you were there)

The Official Registration Page
International news articles from:
AFP | Reuters | News Ltd Australia (with picture gallery)
Austrian news websites:
ORF.AT (includes pictures and a video) |

The Four Season Restaurant, NY, March 2008
This is an indoor installation that took place on Saturday March 22, 2008, in the Pool Room
of the famed Four Seasons restaurant, with around 150 participants.
The installation was covered by ABC News, and broadcast on "World News" on March 22
and "Good Morning America" on March 23.
One of the aspects that made this installation different from others,
was that the installation was captured on a 20 x 24" polaroid camera,
and two of the resulting prints are to be auctioned off at the FreeArtsNYC benefit auction on April 30.

Chris was there and this is his account
The original notification and a first glimpse of one of the polaroit prints can be seen here

Other links:
The ABC News page dedicated to this event is here | Good Morning America on ABC

Sagamore Hotel, Miami, October 8, 2007
500 participants gathered at the Sagamore Hotel on this sunny Monday for something
a little different - both for themselves and, indeed for Spencer. The installation included
poses with people on the hotel balconies, women on pink rafts, men on green rafts,
and a grand finalé with everyone exploding 500 champagne bottles.
Spencer followed this installation with a smaller one at sunrise the following morning,
taking 20 participants to the dunes behind the hotel, and 30 others into the hotel lobby.
The final artwork will be revealed in Miami Beach's Art Basel festivities in December.
Visit our Sagamore Hotel page here

The Tunick Page on the Sagamore Hotel's website (formerly the registration page)
provides information about the Sagamore Hotel installation and a number of documentary photos by Melissa Marino.

Of the numerous press links that we had posted, only Local-10 still have a live link.

Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland, 2007

On August 18, 2007, Spencer and around 600 people ventured with Greenpeace to the
Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland. The installation was part of a Greenpeace campaign
to raise awareness of global warming.

Kris, Mike and Patsie were there and have contributed experiences and pictures from the day.
Visit our Aletsch Glacier page here

This installation was followed the following day by a smaller installation with around 20 people on nearby Moosfluh.
Read Kris' account of the small installation here

Other links:
The Greenpeace Website | A 33 second video clip from Sky News

Dream Amsterdam, 2007

On April 15, Spencer Tunick held the first installation for Dream Amsterdam, an arts event
envisioned and organised by Jamain Brigitha, an artist and curator herself. This installation took place
in a tulip field in Schermerhorn with around 100 participants.
Visit our Schermerhorn page here.

The main Dream Amsterdam installation took place on June 3rd and comprised about 1400 participants
in various setups in and around the Q-Park, and a small installation on the Leliegracht.
Visit our Amsterdam page here.

Visit the official Dream Amsterdam website here
Reuters coverage of the Schermerhorn installation can be found here.

Zocalo Square, Mexico City, 2007

The largest Spencer Tunick installation to date took place on May 6th, 2007
with 18,000 participants filling the Zocalo Square. We have pictures from the installation kindly provided
by a press photographer who was there, and a couple of lovely pieces from two participants.

Our Zocalo Square page can be found here

A further installation took place at the Frida Kahlo museum with around 150 women
made up with the the artist's signature hairstyle. I believe that among the prerequisites to participate
in this installation, was the requirement to have a rather prominent monobrow.

Dusseldorf, Germany, 2006

Spencer was invited to Dusseldorf to create several installations for the ArtCity events of Dusseldorf's Quadriennalle.
Silke and Michaela took part in the installations on August 6.

Other links
The Museum Kunst Palast Spencer Tunick page | RP Online (in German)

San Sebastian, Spain, 2006

Spencer was in San Sebastian on April 22nd 2006.
COFF (in San Sebastian)  | El Comercio Digital | 20 Minutos

Caracas, Venezuela, 2006

Spencer was in Caracas (Venezuela) on March 19th 2006.
Ruth was one of the participants and her experience can be found here

Other links:
Franca's Blog with pictures | The BBC report | Actualidad Terra | El Nacional | Desnudos con Tunick | Pictures of the event | Miniplug TV

Bruges, Belgium, 2006

Spencer conducted a small scale installation with 67 males in Bruges on February 5th 2006.
Michiel and Ulrich were two of the 67 men, and their comments are here

Lyon, France, 2005

Spencer Tunick was in Lyon in September 2005:
A blog entry by The Spencer Tunick Forum's own Roger Coss
The Spencer Tunick Blogspot (by Pamela)  | BBC (UK) | Pictures from the event

Newcastle-Gateshead, UK, 2005

Spencer Tunick was in Newcastle in July 2005
Our Newcastle-Gateshead Baltic page is here

Here are an abundance of links to various media sites.
News BBC  | The Guardian | ICNewcastle | Republica (Italy) | A blogger's experience
Report from Yve Ngoo a BBC journalist | The Observer | The Guardian - Art & Architecture
The Times | The Times Online | | IOL [South Africa]
The Guardian | Edinburgh [Scotsman] | CBC Arts Online [Canada]
The Scotsman | Mail & Guardian Online [internet based news publication in Africa]
The New Zealand Herald | The Journal | Hold the Front Page

Bruges, Belgium, 2005

Spencer Tunick was in Bruges, Belgium, May 2005:
A personal experience in Bruges

Shoreditch, London, 2004

Two small installations that took place while Spencer was in London for a Hales Gallery
exhibition opening in October 2004. Small means two sets of 4 participants and
two individual shots over two days.
Diane and Craig were in Shoreditch with Spencer Tunick

Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal, 2003

An installation with 300 participants organised for the "Imaginarius" Arts Festival in Santa Maria da Feira,
September 13, 2003.

Selfridges, London, 2003

For many Londoners, the Selfridges installation on April 27, 2003 was their first.
With the publicity surrounding the Saatchi Gallery opening a few weeks earlier,
there was an incredible turnout for Selfridges, with around 500 people queuing
around the building by the time the doors opened. Only 400 people were
allowed to participate, and the remaining 100 were turned away.
Some personal experiences from the Selfridges installation

Saatchi Gallery, London, 2003

The opening of the Saatchi Gallery in April 2003 was a celebrity studded event featuring
a host of London's A-list glitterati who did not pose nude, and 160 volunteers who did.
This installation began as any other Spencer Tunick installation would,
but took a surreal twist as volunteers - still nude - mingled with the celebrities
for the rest of the evening.

An account in the Guardian by Jane Roberts
An item from The Observer | A BBC item about the Saatchi Gallery opening, April 2003

Cortlandt Alley, Lower Manhattan, New York, 2002

On June 1, 2002, Spencer held an installation in Cortlandt Alley between White and Walker Streets
in Lower Manhattan, for the 20th anniversary of Art In General - a non-profit organisation that assists
artists to produce and present new work, that resides on Walker Street.
Nick from Boston made the trip to New York and took part.
Here is Nick's story

There is no reference to the installation on the Art In General website, but there is a lot to see.
The Art In General website is here.

Greenwich, London, 2001

In 2001, Spencer came to Greenwich for his first mass installation in London, and with 400 participants,
he captured The Cutty Sark, The Admiral Hardy and the Greenwich Foot Tunnel entrance
in ways that would not normally be seen by the average tourist.
Our Cutty Sark page with Matthew's account of the morning.

Montreal, Quebec, May 26, 2001

Spencer's Nude Adrift project, eventually to be documented in HBO's Naked World
began in Montreal, where a 2500 strong crowd turned up to pose for him in a collaboration with
the Musée d'Art Contemporain de Montréal.

Peter was there, and this is his account of the morning

A BBC report from Montreal | A report from CBC

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Press and other reports

A report on Spencer's trip to Kyoto

BBC "Thoughts of the Day" referring to the Saatchi and Selfridges installations

Barcelona 2003 press links

Alan (a.k.a. ATOR) is a frequent participant and he shares his experiences here

Works Collections on the web.

Hales Gallery

Spencer Tunick on Artnet
This website includes a vast collection of Spencer's official images (over 70),
a comprehensive biography, chronology, interviews and more "presented courtesy of the artist"

A partially complete documentation of NAKED STATES can be found on The Blue Dot.

A series of 41 photographs circa 1993 called Americazone can also be found on The Blue Dot.

NAKED WORLD documented by Arlene Donnely

A seemingly unofficial collection on a Polish website Poema Art

A partial collection of images mostly from Naked States on the Artsversus website.

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