Fake registration information on
Craigslist and Gumtree

This ad has appeared recently on Craigslist and Gumtree, relating to cities around the UK.

"Spencer Tunick has been revolutionising the art world since 1994 with his unique human collages, using the human form to create art that packs a powerful emotional and political punch. In 2013 Tunick is returning to England, and will be creating 'mini installations' in London, Manchester, Sheffield and Liverpool. These instalations will comment upon the 40th anniversary of The United Kingdom's entry into the European Union. At this stage we are looking for an indication of people who would be interested in taking part in this fantastic event. Please send your details and a photograph, we will be in touch with more details. Thank you, Emma Cruz."
They are a sly way someone is using to collect nude photographs from unsuspecting people who would like to pose for Spencer. They also constitute an infringement of the artist's copyright. You have a duty to report this ad to the hosting website.

Spencer has confirmed to me that he has nothing to do with these ads, that they are fake, and make illegal use of his name, image and copyright work.

Please remember that a genuine registration page will be accompanied by press releases in the relevant country, and will appear on this site, in the Spencer Tunick Forum, and in the forum's Facebook Page. If we suspect a fraudulent ad we will make sure the information is on the site, forum and Facebook page so that you can protect yourselves from fraudsters who are trying to get nude photographs from you.

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