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The Spencer Tunick Experience is managed by 
Kris Rotsaert and Gilead Limor of The Spencer Tunick Forum admin team
with the invaluable assistance of the forum's other administrators:
Roger Coss, Diane Wailes and Craig Mason.
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The Spencer Tunick Forum
Please feel welcome to join the forum as it is the place to hear about upcoming installations and events,
and to share your news and opinions.

The Spencer Tunick Experience
The original Spencer Tunick Experience site was set up in April 2003 by Mike Carter, around the time of the Selfridges installation in London. Mike approached the site maintenance with much enthusiasm, and subsequently set up a message board to go with it. When things on the Spencer Tunick front started getting busy a couple of years later, Mike assigned the ongoing maintenance in good faith to a webmaster whom, he hoped would keep up the good work. This good work did not actually materialise and significant chunks of the site actually disappeared. Nonetheless, Mike kept it going until July 2007, at which he stage passed the site on to us.

The Spencer Tunick Forum
Following the Saatchi installation in April 2003, Diane and Craig established the first Spencer Tunick forum called: "We Posed For Spencer Tunick" on MSN groups, with myself joining it the following morning and Mike Grenville shortly afterwards. The forum grew in membership, fueled by other 2003 installations in Barcelona, Portugal and New York, and 2004 installations in Milford PA, Cleveland and Buffalo. A regular participant of the North American installations was Roger Coss, who very quickly became an invaluable addition to the forum's admin team. In 2006, just before the San Sebastian installation, MSN closed down the forum. Enter Kris Rotsaert, who quickly set us up with a domain and web hosting for the forum engine we are using now, and the new forum was up and running in no time.

Now with the joined forces of The Spencer Tunick Experience and The Spencer Tunick Forum, we provide one of the most comprehensive Spencer Tunick information and experience sites anywhere on the web.

Your written contribution is our oxygen
There is no membership fee, we do not accept advertising, we do not spam your mailboxes, we are a non-profit site and we aim to keep it that way. But we still need your contribution.

We would like to display one or two experiences and a few personal photos for each installation both recent and from previous years. If you would like to contribute a personal story or a few of your own photographs, please email them to the link below. Look at our list of featured pages. If you were at an installation that is not listed, or one that has no content - we want to hear from you.

Email your stories, pictures and comments to The Spencer Tunick Experience here.

We can not guarantee to publish all material sent to us, and if we do not publish your story here, you may also post it freely on the Forum once you have registered. Please note that you must either must be the photographer and copyright owner of any images you send us, or have the copyright owner's explicit permission (preferably in writing with full copyright details) to submit the images on his/her behalf, and by doing so you are giving us permission to publish said material on this website. Original copyright owners will retain copyright on anything sent to us and photographs will be credited accordingly.

Mike's Message Board
We are keeping the link to the site's old message board up at Mike's request, and it will continue to function as an independent entity. However, it is no longer linked to the Spencer Tunick Experience Website, thus we bear no responsibility for it or its contents, and we will not be managing it or checking it for comments or requests regarding The Spencer Tunick Experience site or the forum.
The message board can be found here.

Email your stories, pictures and comments to The Spencer Tunick Experience here.
(Note: To contact Spencer Tunick, please refer to his website at www.spencertunick.com)


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