Shoreditch House Private Members' Club, London
September 4, 2008

Global Girl writes:

Thru this website and the forum I met some other Spencer Tunick fans and one of them invited me to join the installation at the Shoreditch House Private Members Club as one of the few guests of Spencer - I was so excited! I already had a short holiday planned in London so I could visit the opening of the Spencer Tunick exhibition at the Hales Gallery, a perfect combination :)

After visiting the exhibition I followed Spencer to the Shoreditch House Private Members Club, just a few doors away from the Hales Gallery. Spencer's other guests and I went to the rooftop of the club where all the members were having a good time. The club was beautiful: a luxurious bar, a swimming pool in the open air and an amazing view over London!

Because most participants (members of the club) knew each other and were having a good time among friends, the atmosphere was different then the installations with thousands of people who don't know each other. With the latter it's easier to connect to the other participants because we all feel a little the same (not knowing what to expect) but being in the cosy atmosphere of a club also has its charms. I guess we were with 100-150 people in total.

After an hour or so the first installation was set up in front of the fire place in the middle of the room; half the group had to lay down on the floor and another group was standing, some of them holding a glass of wine or cocktail. The only rule was not to look in to the camera, people were encouraged to keep on chatting and just pretend that there was no camera - so much different then the installations that I participated in before!

The second installation was in another corner of the room, people sitting on chairs and laying on the floor. In the meanwhile people just kept on having a good time, a very relaxed atmosphere. Probably also because of the drinks... ;)

After this installation we had to move to the swimming pool, we all just ran, jumped in and splashed around! It reminded me a bit of the Dublin installation in the sea but under much more comfortable circumstances :) This time the water was nice and warm! We did a few different setups in the water; two of them required that a man had to hold a woman to help her floating on the water, I was held by two different very nice men ;)

The party kept on going after the installations but I left soon because I had friends waiting for me. Besides that I felt a little on the outside, not being a member of this group of friends... I didn't experienced the 'bonding' like in all the other installations I participated in.

This installation was indeed a 'party installation', not something I can compare with my previous experiences so in that way special to me.

Personally I do prefer the installations when everyone participates to be part of an art work and a unique event instead of this installation where the installation is not the main reason for being there...

 The Independent's correspondent interviews Spencer Tunick.  Photo: Teri Pengilly

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