The Four Seasons, Midtown Manhattan
March 22, 2008

Chris writes:

I have long been an admirer of Spencer Tunick’s work. What I find especially interesting is the public’s reaction, as well as the point of view of the participant. Now, I’m happy to say, I am a participant and know what it's really like to let go of everything and be just a person with nothing. It hadn't occurred to me just how powerful what we put on identifies us in our society.

For me the essence of Spencer Tunick’s work is that we are ultimately all the same; his medium is ordinary people and his camera. It was a terrific experience that reinforced the notion that regardless of our physical size, color or sex, humans are basically all alike.

Upon arrival we were asked to wait in the Grill Room of The Four Seasons restaurant. There was plenty of time to relax and see everyone who would be participating. Many people casually introduced themselves, asking how they learned of the shoot and why they came. I met a couple that had been in four previous Tunick projects.

Image capture: Good Morning America, ABC News

One of the polaroid images 
© Spencer Tunick
The man in charge of keeping us informed was very attentive. Soon enough Spencer came to greet us. He was funny, smart and gracious. The excitement started to build. By the time we were asked to take off our clothes everyone was prepared.

Casually we walked into the famous “Pool Room” (For those who don’t know New York City trivia, this is where The Power Lunch was first coined.) After everyone arrived Spenser thanked us again and explained what he hoped to achieve. I couldn't help but smile to myself that the only time I had dined in the room was for a job interview. That was 20 years ago.

The crowd seemed happy to be there and ready to follow Spencer’s instructions. As a photography enthusiast I was particularly impressed by the camera he was using. (A massive large-format Polaroid of which there are only five in existence.) Two of the 20 x 24 inch prints will be auctioned off at a benefit on April 3rd to support FreeArtsNYC.



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