Dusseldorf, Germany
August 6, 2006
Photo © Hans "Nano" B
As part of ArtCity Düsseldorf's Quadriennale 06, 840 naked people under Tunick's direction fleshed out the theme of the Quadriennale in a special way. Supported by Museum Kunst Palast, Tunick created a three-dimensional installation with nudes for the first time. Further installations were arranged in the Museum's Rubens Room, where men, women and a baby posed in front of the work "Venus and Adonis"; in the modern painting section, a group of young men took up their positions in front of the "Wetterhorn" painting by Johann Wilhelm Schirmer. The courtyard garden was also the scene of another sculpture formed exclusively of men.

Text from the Museum Kunst Palast's page on the installation.

Silke writes:

Düsseldorf war für mich die 3. Installation. Und es ist immer wieder ein besonderes Gefühl ein Teil einer Installation zu sein. Denn diese spezielle Stimmung ist nicht zu beschreiben. Es sollte jeder mindestens 1 mal im Leben diese Erfahrung machen um darüber reden zu können. Es ist nicht nur die Installation was besonderes sondern auch, das man viele neue interesannte Menschen kennenlernen kann. Und das man als einzelnen Teil eines ganzen ist. Ohne Wertung ob man schön ist oder die Idealen Masse hat. Denn das ist nicht von bedeutung bei Spencer Tunick`s Installationen. 
Photo: Stefan Arendt © Museum Kunst Palast
Düsseldorf was my 3rd installation. It is always a special feeling to be part of an installation, and this special feeling can hardly be described. Everybody should have this experience at least once in their life to be able to talk about it. Not only is the installation special, but also the fact that one can meet a lot of new and interesting people. And [there is also the feeling], as an individual, of being part of the whole [installation], without being judged whether one is beautiful or has the ideal weight, as this has no meaning in a Spencer Tunick instalation.

Michaela writes:

Düsseldorf war für mich eine neue Erfahrung in meinem Leben die ich nicht missen möchte. Zusehen wie 850 Menschen jeglichen alters sich mitreißen lassen um Teil vom ganzen zu sein.

Ich werde sicher wieder auf eine Installation gehen. Denn das schönste danach ist es sich auf dem Foto zu sehen und sagen zu können: "hir war ich dabei und DAS BIN ICH".

Photo: Stefan Arendt © Museum Kunst Palast
Duesseldorf was a new experience in my life that I couldn't let go by. To see how 850 people of all ages can be dragged along to be part of a whole.

I will certainly take part in a future installation. The best thing afterwards is to see yourself on the photo and be able to say: "I was there and THAT IS ME" [Michaela took part in the smaller "Rubens" installation as well].


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