Caracas, Venezuela
March 19, 2006

Ruth writes:

What an experience!

We arrived at 5 am and follow the crowd, it was more than expectation, and we were just waiting to get naked at the sunrise as Spencer indicated, looking at other peoples eyes. A friend of mine just said  "I don`t know what I am doing here", some people started to get naked before,  but they were told to dress and just do it when everybody was going to do it.

Suddenly, we started to get undressed quickly (and nervously I am sure). When I was walking down the street I wasn't seeing anyone, and with everybody at the same time i felt we where 1500 people condensed in one. I knew some of them, people from my everyday life getting naked in a very beautiful but ignored avenue in Caracas, with Bolivar in the middle.

Almost running, we got to the 1st installation area and from where I was could watch something that made me realize how Venezuelan I am and how much I love my country.... the sunrise was fantastic with pink and purple colours getting blue, and then somebody from the street, somebody who didnt know about the event and was watching from outside, came running to get into our group of naked people.

After that we felt a kind of huge emotion and started to shout trying to get more from there; and 8 people dared. After the first euphoric moment he told us to get the position and to look at each others eyes, "please don't smile because it looks ridiculous". We Venezuelan people were being obedient for first time, he made us sit in that dirty floor but we pleasantly did it, it was a kind of trance, anyway that didnt avoid the double interpretation of everything. We were naked doing something almost forbidden in a country where being topless in a beach is not very well. If I said double interpretation it's to explain a characterìstic of a Venezuelan.. When Spencer said "please go deep inside"  that in a spanish way could have 2 senses...

 Fortunately I was one of the few people invited to a small party in Spencer`s hotel, once there we talked a lot about the event, drank a little bit and took pictures. I will definitely never forget this day.

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